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The BASS badminton training is open to all players who want to learn to play badminton.

Saturday Training Program 2018
Saturday 9:00-11:00am

Due to badminton events during the Summer, our training schedules varies. Coaches will be away to cover the US Open(June 12-17) and the Indonesian Open (July 3-8).

Training for June 2018 will be held only on June 2nd, 9th, and 23rd for a total of 3 sessions.

Training for July 2018 will be held only on July 21st and 28th for a total of 2 sessions


The purpose of BASS badminton training is to help students and get people involve in badminton by providing quality class and training for non-experience beginner up to advanced badminton players. BASS badminton training is known for its quality in teaching the basic foundation of badminton to beginner and intermediate players and making the lesson fun.

In the beginner section (Beginner 1), we have a maximum ratio of 1:6, 1 coach to a maximum of 6 students within the 1.0 – 1.5 hours session. This ensures the coach teach the students more effectively and the students acquire the needed attention and training from the coach. Many beginning classes out there are taught with larger ratio which is nearly impossible for students to learn at such short time. Beginning students require more attention and correction in their playing form, footwork, and strategy. BASS badminton training effectively and attentively teach these requirements in our classes.

In the beginner/intermediate section (Beginner 2), we have a maximum ratio of 1:8, 1 coach to a maximum of 8 students within the 1.5 hours session. In this class, the students are fine-tuned in their basic skills and footwork. The class involves a lot of repetitive drills and some physical conditioning to help prepare students for the intermediate/advance class.

In the intermediate/advanced section, we have a maximum ratio of 1:10, 1 coach to a maximum of 8 students. In this class the students will learn better footwork to move more efficient around the court, to perform more difficult strokes, and to play more strategically to win their game. The class is very physical and tiring. Thus, be prepared physically for our intensive intermediate/advanced training.

All our coaches are experience players and all head coaches have many years of experiences in coaching and competing in competitions. We know them personally for many years and that is why we trust them to teach our students.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you talk to students and parents of the students who have taken lesson(s) from our training and see why they recommend our training to their friends and others.

Quote of the Game: Train & Exercise = FUN